I is for inspiration

: Dungeons & Dragons

As a DM, the burden of creating and populating a world for the players to explore rests on our shoulders. Even in role-playing games that utilize the idea of player authorship—where the game mechanics allow players to propose elements of the game world that "become" true—it&

A is for Aenyssa d'Thuranni, elven assassin

: DMing

Here's an archery-themed NPC for your players to contend with. The backstory is specific to Eberron but it shouldn't be to hard to fit her into any fantasy campaign where specialized magic items are available. Aenyssa d'Thuranni One of the most formidable agents of

How to challenge player expectations without alienating your players

: DMing

In established RPG campaigns, it can be fun and interesting to shake things up from time to time by throwing your players a curveball. * The PCs kill a dragon but are surprised to find the residents of the valley chase them off because the dragon was protecting them from predation