Solving Around Puzzles in D&D

: DMing

Ever have players who aren't into solving puzzles, or a puzzle that just doesn't work? I propose a simple process to keep the game going without handwaving it away.

Initiative Table Tents

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When I started running 13th Age and 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, I had the opportunity to play in a 5E game run by Teos "Alphastream" Abadia []. He demonstrated an interesting and fun trick; he used cardboard table tents to track combat initative. The

D&D Expeditions is off to a good start!

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One of the reasons that I haven't been posting is that I've actually been running games! I had the opportunity to run 13th Age and Dungeons & Dragons both at Gen Con (subjects for future blog posts) and for friends. With the launch of the fifth

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules available as a free PDF

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It's official! Wizards of the Coast has released the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Many stores will start selling the D&D Starter Set [] today, with the full release due on July 17. What is

About that A to Z challenge…

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As you may have noticed, I did not make it through the A to Z challenge. I tried to make it work but it boiled down to not being able to think of enough things that fit the format of the challenge, and I got too far behind to catch

J is for journey

: RPGs

Here are some interesting pieces you can drop into travel scenes in a roleplaying game. Carvanserais A caravanserai is a special kind of roadside inn or tavern that travelers can rest at and replenish their mounts. Historically, they were found in Asia, North Africa, and southeastern Europe. Any remote area

I is for inspiration

: Dungeons & Dragons

As a DM, the burden of creating and populating a world for the players to explore rests on our shoulders. Even in role-playing games that utilize the idea of player authorship—where the game mechanics allow players to propose elements of the game world that "become" true—it&

H is for heiroglpyhs

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It's fun to come up with the occasional prop handouts for your roleplaying games; maps, letters, scrolls, contracts, and so on. Here are some good places to get fonts that can be used to embellish your paperwork with exotic, infernal, or alien writings. Blambot Blambot has a number

G is for Gen Con!

: A to Z 2014

I get to go to Gen Con [] this year! This is the first time I've ever gotten to go. Why now? It's as good of a time as any; what sweetened the pot this year is that there will be a new edition

F is for fun

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I was taxing my brain trying to come up with a topic for today, so I'm going to repeat a recommendation that I made a while back: if you run role-playing games regularly, you should read The Angry DM's Gaming for Fun: Eight Kinds of Fun