About that A to Z challenge…

: meta

As you may have noticed, I did not make it through the A to Z challenge. I tried to make it work but it boiled down to not being able to think of enough things that fit the format of the challenge, and I got too far behind to catch

J is for journey

: RPGs

Here are some interesting pieces you can drop into travel scenes in a roleplaying game. Carvanserais A caravanserai is a special kind of roadside inn or tavern that travelers can rest at and replenish their mounts. Historically, they were found in Asia, North Africa, and southeastern Europe. Any remote area

I is for inspiration

: Dungeons & Dragons

As a DM, the burden of creating and populating a world for the players to explore rests on our shoulders. Even in role-playing games that utilize the idea of player authorship—where the game mechanics allow players to propose elements of the game world that "become" true—it&

H is for heiroglpyhs

: RPGs

It's fun to come up with the occasional prop handouts for your roleplaying games; maps, letters, scrolls, contracts, and so on. Here are some good places to get fonts that can be used to embellish your paperwork with exotic, infernal, or alien writings. Blambot Blambot has a number

G is for Gen Con!

: A to Z 2014

I get to go to Gen Con [http://gencon.com/] this year! This is the first time I've ever gotten to go. Why now? It's as good of a time as any; what sweetened the pot this year is that there will be a new edition

F is for fun

: RPGs

I was taxing my brain trying to come up with a topic for today, so I'm going to repeat a recommendation that I made a while back: if you run role-playing games regularly, you should read The Angry DM's Gaming for Fun: Eight Kinds of Fun

E is for excursion

: A to Z 2014

Today was International Tabletop Day [http://www.tabletopday.com/], so I set out to one of my friendly local game stores, Guardian Games [http://www.ggportland.com/], to play some games. First, I met David and Leana Galiel of Elbowfish games, who were demoing their quantum physics board game, Antimatter

D is for DMing Credo

: RPGs

I'm planning to make this blog not just about stuff I've learned in my years of running games, but also about the things that I am continuing to learn about running games. This is one of those things. I've had the pleasure of sitting

C is for "Coming Soon!"

: Dungeons & Dragons

Looking ahead at the rest of 2014, here is what I am looking forward to in gaming right now: New Dungeons & Dragons! Wizards of the Coast will unveil the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons [http://www.wizards.com/DnD/] this summer. The first product will be a starter

B is for beginning (a new campaign)

: Dungeon World

On Friday I ran Dungeon World [http://www.dungeon-world.com/] for the first time for some friends. I've played a few sessions and enjoyed it so I wanted to see what it was like on the other side of the proverbial GM's screen. Here's

A is for Aenyssa d'Thuranni, elven assassin

: DMing

Here's an archery-themed NPC for your players to contend with. The backstory is specific to Eberron but it shouldn't be to hard to fit her into any fantasy campaign where specialized magic items are available. Aenyssa d'Thuranni One of the most formidable agents of

Blogging from A to Z in 2014

: meta

I plan to do the Blogging From A to Z Challenge [http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/] for April to stimulate my writing. The challenge is to write 26 posts in April (excepting Sundays); the April 1st post must start with an "A", the post for the 2nd must start