Rainbow-themed dice for teaching new RPG players

: DMing

I've been thinking about the opportunities I get to introduce people to tabletop role-playing games for the first time.

In a conversation with someone on Twitter some time back, someone suggested having a set or two of color-coded dice—d4s of the same color, d6s of the same color, and so on. With a set of starter dice, it would be easy to tell a new player to "roll the purple dice to see if you hit" or "roll the green dice for damage."

I did some research on the Chessex web site; their polyhedral dice sets are all the same color, but you can order individual dice from them.

Rainbow-colored translucent dice set

The Chessex stock numbers for the set displayed above are:

  • Red d4 - PT0404
  • Orange d6 - PT0603
  • Yellow d8 - PT0802
  • Green d10 - PT1005
  • Teal d100 - PT1115
  • Blue d12 - PT1206
  • Purple d20 - PT2007

Chessex doesn't have a web store, but you can order dice via email using their order form. Their translucent dice are 80 cents apiece, so you can put two sets together for about $12 before shipping; if you aren't playing a game that uses percentile dice, you could leave out the d100 and have two sets for under $10.