Weekend reading for January 10, 2014

: Weekend Reading

The series "Deathtrap Dungeon World" by Sersa Victory over at Critical Hits, about creating memorable and deadly encounters in Dungeon World.

Sersa talks about his introduction to RPGs and his love of deadly dungeon delves at Kobold Press in Kills, Items, and Secrets: Why I’m Forever Hooked on Deathtrap Dungeons.

Sersa's site is offline for the foreseeable future, but you can find a collection of "Fourthcore" deadly delves for D&D 4th edition and Dungeon World in my Google Drive.

UPDATED 2014-01-20

I added the 4th installment of his DDW series and updated the link to his Fourthcore adventures.

UPDATED 2017-07-15

I updated the link to the interview and fixed the link to the shared folder.